Clean Emission Fluids, Inc.
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The Ultimate Fueling Solution


Clean Emission Fluids (CEF) manufactures industry-leading and patent-pending Truck Stops In-A-Box!

Fuel where you need it!
100% self-contained,
Fleet or Retail variations,
Multiple fuels + fluids,
On-demand blending,
10-minute oil changes,
Real-time access + More.

CEF stations at the Oasis Trucking Centers in Detroit.

CEF has developed, and continues to advance, leading-edge fueling and fluid dispensing systems for the transportation industry. Delivering practical uses of technology, our stations can help to lower fuel and operating costs for our customers - fleet owners, independent operators, construction companies, and more.

Imagine the possibilities of having a fueling station right at your finger tips wherever you need it. Imagine all the time and expenses that can be saved.

Our stations offer the proven reliability of our FAST equipment combined with the technology of iFAST for full remote capabilities and analytics plus the efficiency and cost-savings of iSupply. 

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